Okun Lectures

The Jack H. Okun, DDS, MS History of Medicine Lecture Series is named in memory of Dr. Okun, with thanks to the Okun family for their enthusiasm, financial support and encouragement.

The history of medicine lecture series was started in 1998 by then UF-COM resident Dr. Michael Okun.  It is run by two second year medical students every year, advised by Dr. Michael Okun and UF Health Science Center Historian Nina Stoyan-Rosenzweig.  Well attended by medical students, the series has featured outside speakers as well as local faculty in the History Department, Colleges of Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacy, and medical students.

Contact information:
Co-advisor: Michael Okun msokun@neurology.ufl.edu
Co-advisor: Nina Stoyan-Rosenzweig nstoyan@ufl.edu

2009-2010 Lecture series run by Chris McAdams and Sasha Strul.

2010-2011 Lecture series run by Chloe Russo and Andrew Panakos.

2011-2012 Lecture series run by Tammy Ju and Jillian McLaughlin.

2012-2013 Lecture series run by Emily Lin and Katelyn Snyder.

2013-2014 Lecture series run by Aditi Patel and Kyle Hannabass.

2014-2015 Lecture series run by Kavita Chapla and Kathleen Park.

2015-2016 Lecture series run by Kristi Balavage, Chu Hsiao, Megan Kelly, Daniel Welch.

2016-2017 Lecture series run by Colleen Cowdery, Wayne Dell, Alexis Falanga, Robert Ratajczak.

2018-2019 Lectures series run by Miles Cameron

2019-2020 Lecture series run by Miles Cameron and Wayne Dell

2020-2021 Lecture series run by Alexis Falanga

2021-2022 Lecture series run by Hannah Lyons and Carissa Longo

2022-2023 Lecture series run by Raven Wright and Anjalika Chalamgari