Okun Lectures 2003

January 9, 2003:Leighton Cluff

February 11, 2003:*note: lecture is on Tuesday*David Rothman

March 13, 2003:Mark BarrowApril 10, 2003:Richard Streiff

May 8, 2003:The Evolution of Modern Chronic HemodialysisCraig Tisher(no slides, audio only)

June 12, 2003:Of Man, Mycobacteria, and Music: How Tuberculosis Affected the Lives of Many Composers, Musicians, and Artists in the 19th Century – Anthony Gal

September 11, 2003:Brad Bender “The History of Small Pox”

October 9, 2003:Kenneth Kellner “Obstertics and Gynecology in Pharaonic Egypt”

November 13, 2003:Bruce Kraut “The Hippocratic Oath”(powerpoint file – no audio)

December 11, 2003:Bertram Wyatt-Brown “Creativity and Chronic Depression: The Case of Genetic Disorder in the Family of Walker Percy, Novelist”