Okun Lectures 2006

January 19- “Changing the Profession of Nursing” – Note: this lecture will be held in the College of Nursing facility

February 9- David Silverman, MD, “Visionary Research and education: Dr. Thomas Maren.”

March 9- Jean Bennett, MD, Jape Taylor, MD, Mark Barrow, MD, “Visionary Leadership: Dean George T. Harrell.”

April 13- Richard Gutekunst, PhD, “Campus Transformations- the College of Health Professions.”

May 11- Michael W. McKenzie, ”Campus Transformations- The College of Pharmacy”

June 8- Christian Warren, PhD, “Social and Health Consequences of  Indoor Climate Control”

August 24-  Sarah Vinson (MS07), “The Changing Face of Medicine: Confronting segregation in the short course” –Power Point Presentation/pdf

September 14- Richard Reynolds, MD, “A Mayo Clinic: Rural Health Care in Florida ”

October 12- Nina Stoyan-Rosenzweig, “Women as Physicians.”

November 9- Nancy Mendenhall, MD, “The History of Proton Therapy at the University of Florida.”

December 15-  Bill Collett, “Completing the Plans: Growth of Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine.”

December 21- Nina Stoyan-Rosenzweig, “The Black Stork: The History of Eugenics in America.”