Okun Lectures 2009

Thursday, January 15th- Dr. C. Craig Tischer: “History of Chronic Dialysis”

Thursday, February 12th- Dr. Donna Parker: “History of African Americans in Healthcare”

Thursday, March 12th- Dr. Sharon M. DiFino: “Jewish Women in Medicine from a historical perspective”

Thursday, April 9th- Dr. Robert Vander Griend: “Medicine in Medieval Times.”

Thursday, Sept. 10th- Ms. Jill Sonke-Henderson: “Roles that the arts have played in healing and medicine from ancient times up to and including today”

Thursday, October 15th- Dr. Ken Heilman, The James E. Rooks Jr. Distinguished Professor of Neurology & Health Psychology: “Gall, Phrenology, and the Growth of Cognitive Neuroscience”.

Thursday November 19th- Nina Stoyan-Rosenzweig will be joined by Phoebe Cade Mills (a daughter of Dr. Cade): “Dr. Cade, Gatorade & the Support of Innovation”