Okun Lectures 2013

History of medicines lectures occur from 12:00-12:50 in C1-17 unless otherwise noted.

January 17- Leah Portnow, MD c/o 2012. “From Physiology to Cutting Edge Technology: The History of Cerebral PET Scanning.”

February 7 – Steve Noll, PhD.  “Eugenics- Scary Past- Problematic Future.”

March 28 – Howard I. Kushner. “The Medical Meanings of Left-Handedness in Historical Perspective.” POSTPONED

April 4- Nina Stoyan-Rosenzweig. “Plants as medicine: Making healthcare available for all in the 16th-20th centuries!.”  Also see the Exhibit at the Harn Museum of Art. Current exhibits at the Harn.

May 20- Robert Hatch MD MPH. “An overview of the history of medicine.”