Okun Lectures 2014

History of medicines lectures occur from 12:00-12:50 in C1-17 unless otherwise noted.

January 17th- Florin Curta, PhD. “Trepanation in the Early Middle Ages.” C1-4.

March 13th-  J. Richard Lister, MD. “With Feet of Clay and Iron: A History of Neurological Surgery.”

August 28th- Carol Meyer, MD. “100 Years of Medicine on the Isthmus of Panama.”  View the lecture by clicking on the talk title.

September 11th- Arlan Rosenbloom, MD. “Eradication of Smallpox.”  View live streaming by clicking on the talk title.

October 20th- Nina Stoyan-Rosenzweig. “Balancing the Humors and Easing the Arteries: Bleeding in Western Medicine.” In C1-15

November 3rd- Paul Sutter, PhD. “Pulling the Teeth of the Tropics: Towards an Environmental History of Public Health during the Construction of the Panama Canal.”

November 24th- Adrian Tyndall, MD. “A History of Health Disparities in the US.” In C1-4.